Small business Financial Planning


Wealth Management Partners takes pride in helping small business owners think through and prepare for the array of financial challenges to consider right now, as well as helping you take critical steps toward creating your financial future.

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Choosing a Retirement Plan For Your Business

The biggest benefit we offer to employers is helping them set up a retirement plan for their business. As you can see from the IRS produced grid below, there are so many more options than just a 401k.

The “right” option depends on a lot of variables. Is your business a sole proprietor, an S corporation or a C corporation? Are you for profit or non-profit? How many employees do you have? Are they W-2 or 1099? How much money do the owners or executives want to put away. Do you want to offer a match? 

We’ll help you sort through the options so you can create a retirement plan that is mutually beneficial to you, your business and your employees.

Employee Financial Literacy Education

We enjoy doing presentations that educate your employees on the company retirement plans we service and about other financial planning topics.

Group Life or Disability Plans

Employee benefits are a time-tested method for improving employee retention. Group life or disability plans are other options to increase employee satisfaction.

We can help you set up a group life or disability plan and provide the resources and support to structure the plan to fit the needs of your business and your employees