Jessica Repasi



Education and Career History

I started my career as a financial advisor with Wealth Management Partners in October 2022, after a year of intensive study and successfully completing four professional licensing exams on my first attempt.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with a concentration in Financial Planning from Salisbury University in 2018, and I interned with financial firms in the Salisbury area while in school. During my internships, I worked on creating financial plans but found that I really enjoyed managing client databases and refining company workflows.

As a newly minted financial advisor, I’m working to expand my knowledge and experience to determine where my true passions for serving clients lie.

Why Am I a Financial Planner?

My mom, Joyce Cool, started teaching me about the importance of money management and personal finances at a young age. She always made sure to talk about money in an open, honest conversation. This approach gave me a much different view of money than most people. I don’t shy away from talking about it and understand that, like most things in life, proper management can lead to positive outcomes.

My mom and my “adopted uncle” Rob played an active role in making sure I had a bright future in whatever path I chose for myself. As a teenager, Rob took me, his niece and nephew to University of Maryland Career Days. At one of these events, I took a test intended to match me to a career path, which suggested I was well suited to be a financial planner … or a ferry boat captain! If it had suggested “luxury super yacht” captain, maybe I would have taken a different path! While attending community college from home, I worked for Wealth Management Partners part-time and was able to see firsthand what financial planning truly was. It was eye-opening to watch my mom and Rob interact with clients and to see the obvious impact they had not only on the lives of their clients but futuregenerations. I knew this was exactly what I was meant to do.

Rob and my mom treated everyone the same, with integrity and honesty. “Putting the client’s needs above all else” wasn’t just a marketing slogan to them. These values stuck with me and became something I was not willing to compromise on in my later working years.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of work, I enjoy weekends at my parents’ lake house at Lake Anna with friends and family. I grew up on the water learning various watersports. My hobbies include horseback riding, reading and spending time with my pets. I currently have two dogs, two cats, and one horse.

My husband, Steven, recently left the Air Force to allow me to come back home to join Wealth Management Partners. He is now a government contractor at PAX River working on aircraft as an Avionics Technician.